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Atlas Certified Trainers have demonstrated the highest level of skill and experience with training service dog/handler teams. They have shown that they have an ethical and compassionate understanding of how to train a handler/dog team to work together effectively to help meet the client’s needs.

Our network of Atlas Certified Trainers is growing, check below to find one near you.

If there is not an Atlas Certified Trainer in your area yet, please contact us for other recommendations:


ZIP / Address:
Meg Sanders Beaverton, OR, USA

Beaverton Oregon

Shelly Phillips Washington D.C., DC, USA

Eastern US

Jill Mohr Portland, OR, USA

Not presently taking new clients

Kayse Fletcher Portland, OR, USA

Pacific Northwest

Cynthia Wilmot Springfield, IL, USA

Central Illinois

Patsy Montowski Blacksburg, VA, USA

Southwestern Virginia

Kaitlyn Charney Delaware, USA

SE Pennsylvania, Delaware, N Maryland

Jennifer Kolar Seattle, WA, USA

Not presently taking new clients